You will need
  • - passport;
  • number SNILS.
See the statement about the loss of the pension insurance certificate to my official employer. This must be done within one month from the date of loss of the document. So you can get a duplicate, it is the employer will have to submit to the Pension Fund of Russia application form ADV-3. The statement must include the number SNILS is this data supposed to remain in your personnel Department. If your social security number your employer for some reason has not survived, it must request the Pension Fund.

In practice, HR staff often solve this problem by sending to the FIU of the application form ADV-1 — initial results strass pension certificate. FIU, of course, denies the registration of a new document referring to the number SNILS, which is already assigned to citizen — the employee of the personnel Department remains only to add the number to the form ADV-3.
Sign the application form ADV-3, which amounted to your employer (HR Department), or fill it in personally from the beginning to the end in capital block letters — use a computer in strict accordance with the requirements Wait about a month while the employer will give the statement in regional office of PFR, get out the duplicate and give it to you.
Please note that according to the Federal law № 27-FZ to do recovery card, pension certificate should the policyholder (i.e. the employer), but only if it can provide the Pension Fund information about the insured (i.e. you). But if you still get a job such information, the employer can't — he doesn't know yet.

In practice, because of this there is a lot of misunderstanding — the staff of the FIU refuse to accept statements from citizens, demanding that a form ADV-3 was filled by the employer, and the employer refuses to complete the form due to the lack of social security number. Keep in mind that no card of pension insurance certificate cannot be grounds for refusing employment.
Apply in person to the territorial division of the FIU, to recover the evidence themselves. Please bring your passport. Complete the application form ADV-3 and wait a month until the card is restored. In some parts of duplicate pension certificate issued at the time of treatment.

Some offices FIU still require the submission of the work book, a kind of interpreting the wording of law No. 27 of the law (V. 7) that they have the right to request additional information about the identity of the citizen and his / her personal account. However, in fact, work book document that provides such information is not. If due to the lack of employment records turned down restoration card, pension certificate, consult with a written statement to the head of regional office of the FIU to have it also in writing explained to you the reasons for the refusal. With this explanation refer to a higher authority.