To buy the puppy of the Yorkshire Terrier should be a good nursery. Remember that the animal inherits not only the exterior but also character. For example, the cowardice of the dog can be acquired, and may be hereditary. In nurseries, which value their reputation, do not allow the breeding of dogs with unstable mentality, because this dog almost can't be educated. Besides, in such kennels puppies grow and correctly develop in good conditions. When choosing a puppy observe him, assess his character, as the nature will depend on the success of education.
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Since the advent of the puppy of the Yorkshire Terrier in the house need to immediately assign roles. You are the master, the leader of the pack. Puppy - subordinate member of your pack. Start training should accustom the puppy to the place. Scroll to the York bench, Mat or cushion, put it in the place where you will rest and sleep puppy. Bring the puppy in the litter, play with him there, give him a treat. When you put the dog on the Mat, give the command "Place". Repeat this exercise several times a day. Soon the puppy will learn that this is his place where he needs to go at the first request of the owner.
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An important disciplining aspect is the order of the day. The dog quickly gets used to it, it is not tormented by the unknown, as she knows when and what will be. Feed the dog should be on the clock, only after you finish your meal, all the family members. Only the leader has the first right to eat. Others eat what is left from the meal the leader. So you day by day, will strengthen its position of leader in front of the dog.
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The leader has the right to be on a hill. Do not allow a Yorkshire Terrier to leap on sofas, armchairs. All that is above the level of view of the dog - your area. In addition, given the small size of the Yorkshire Terrier, standing on chairs, beds and sofas for it is unsafe. The most common injuries - bruises, concussion, broken bones when falling from a height.
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Never let the York pass ahead of you in the doors, the corridors. Don't let to run ahead of you up the stairs. The leader decides where to go to be a pack, the leader first passes forward. As for stairs, it is necessary to consider this point separately. Remember, as man goes up the stairs. Head down, go, looking down at his feet. At this time the dog is standing on the top step and turns impatiently, watching the master. And the dog may consider itself the main. She's upstairs, in front of you, and you put your head down, look away, expressing complete submission. In dog language, this was it.
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It is worth mentioning the caresses and games. You have to decide when to pet the dog when to play with her. Never reply stroking the insistence on butting his nose into your hand. It turns out that the dog itself decides when to come and ask for affection. So does only the leader. This behavior should just be ignored and soon the dog will leave this habit. Remember that training a dog is not training. Not without measures to anthropomorphize a dog, even if it is a charming Yorkshire Terrier. Talk to the dog in the language it understands, and your flock will always prevail friendship and understanding. Communication with a well-behaved dog can not be fun.