Organization bed for a puppy York Yorkshire Terriers and livery – known as a decorative dog, which requires little space in the apartment and they can settle for a small pillow placed in the right place. I do not advise to allow the puppy to sleep with You in bed for many reasons: because it is not hygienic; and because it is a small puppy with fragile bones and a jump from the height of the bed can turn to a toddler fracture or sprain. Right there is a place for York is a soft bench in the form of a house (York like mink and all sorts of secluded places). Well, if the rug You put near master's bed, after all, so the puppy will feel more secure and confident. The domestication of the puppy to the toilet When the puppy lives with his mother, who gently walks on the diaper in the toilet and leave there mark needed, puppy repeats after her. So the Yorkshire Terrier gets used to do all things linen. But it should be understood that the diaper does nothing for puppy. He knows the smell. Externally, the diaper for the baby is no different from under the door Mat or blanket on the bed. Therefore, at the moment accustom the puppy to the diaper in a new house, you need to be patient. And of course there are a few tips that can help in this matter. 1. The puppy and all the little kids goes to the toilet about every 20 minutes. So if You see that the puppy made a puddle, blot with a diaper that is prepared to pet her and put the diaper where they plan to organize the bathroom. After about 15 – 20 minutes, put the baby on the diaper, give it a sniff and see that the kid has done everything necessary where it is required. Be sure to praise the child for achievement. 2. But here You are again, found a puddle, don't scold the puppy, and put him in the diaper. It is important that this should be done immediately as soon as the baby went to the toilet. If the moment is missed and it took some time, the puppy simply will not understand than You are dissatisfied. And if You're too aggressive, it will produce fear in the baby and the puppy will look for secluded places for the toilet in order to hide this shame. 3. You should limit the space where it can be puppy. He's like a small child just does not have time to run to the toilet, and often to flirt. The smell from the diaper is only important if he is in range. In my personal experience: the dog easier to housebreak in the street. There is the instinct. If You are ready twice a day to walk your baby, the problem with the toilet very soon You will disappear. Really a diaper is to leave the puppy at home you still need at least months to 7 – 8, because the little puppy just can't wait until the next walk. The relationship with your puppy is Very important to establish the right relationship with your puppy in the family. A dog is a pack animal, for which in the first place is the leader. Your job is to be to the puppy's leader, to build a clear hierarchy in the family. This will keep Your house from many troubles. So how do you build a relationship with a dog. Puppy from the first days of life in Your house should know that the most important in the family is You with all the household and then the puppy. For this you need to observe the following rules: 1. The dog should eat only after you eat all the family members. Never throw anything off the table. The leader eats first, is this rule broken, everything else is just in vain. Don't worry, it humiliates and violates the feelings of the baby. He just knew that there was such an order. 2. Play with your puppy only on Your initiative. If the puppy You brought a toy, put it nearby and turn away, after 5 minutes, if you want, play with him. It is important that the initiative came from You. In the game do not give the dog to bite (or knock on), if this happens stop the game. Can only bite the toy. 3. Do not use many unnecessary words in relation to the dog when she scolded. She doesn't understand You. Choose one expression, for example, "very bad" and say it with the same intonation, so the dog knew that if it is spoken, that she did something wrong. A dog with normal mentality loves master and wants to please him. So it will be a severe punishment for Your "very bad". I don't have to yell at the dog, suffice it to say my "unhappy" phrase and the dog's tail depart. 4. The dog clearly should know their place. There should not be such that the dog to lie down on the bed in place of her husband or drives away from you Your child. And if this happens You must immediately stop such behavior, to indicate to the puppy in its place and allow your loved ones to take a convenient position. There are many different rules dressirovka and education of the dog, but if You follow at least the above mentioned, You will be able to provide You a comfortable shared accommodation and get pleasure from communication with each other. Feeding a puppy York On (the website dedicated to the two wonderful breeds Yorkshire Terriers and bivera) contains a lot of information about how and what to feed York in a special section of useful articles - feeding. I recommend You to familiarize with the list of products prohibited for dogs In this article I want to draw Your attention to key points in feeding puppy York: 1. You initially have to decide for yourself what You'll feed your dog dry food or natural. Mixing different types of feed is strictly prohibited, this is a very negative impact on digestion. 2. You should always remember that the Yorkie is a weak spot – the liver. It is impossible to give Yorkie and bevera fatty foods: fatty cuts of meat, fatty cheese, etc. 3. It is impossible to give York the tubular bones of birds, it is very easy to cause irreparable harm to the pet. Classes puppy Puppies Yorkies and beavers are, like all normal children are very active: they play, learn world. This activity did not cause harm to Your home, the puppy should be taught to play the right games and toys allowed. Puppies Yorkies, I love to bring the thrown ball or other toy. If you teach the puppy to like this game, then you will always have a way to get puppy to move and spend their energy on games with You. If the puppy is playing with Your things or starts to chew the toy Your son or daughter, You can safely remove a useless object and replace it with a toy puppy. The dog very quickly realizes that if she will take a chew toy, not a soldier, but it could be fun, and maybe even the owner leaves it for a bit, then scratch behind the ear. Of course, a wonderful time to be training a puppy. Yorkie and bevery very smart dogs and You can easily teach your pet simple commands such as "give paw" or "to serve." If you want to be able to teach him more complicated things. You can come up with different games puppy love to play. So many dogs love to play hide and seek and catch-up. The safety of the puppy is so very important question, which should explore new York host is safety. Preferably in the growth period of the puppy (up to 7 – 8 months) to limit it when You are away from home and he is alone. This not just will save many valuable things, but will protect the puppy. All the wires in the apartment needs to be cleaned. You can't raise a puppy on a hill and let out to jump. It can fail to do it and break a leg or get a sprain. For this reason, it is impossible to give the puppy to hold a small child, he can throw or simply to go with it. Toys should be made of a material from which the puppy will not be able to bite off small pieces. Watch your puppy hasn't vomited in a disposable diaper, which he left for the toilet. If the puppy eats them, then the damage may already be irreversible. On the street drive just a puppy on a leash. Even if he listens to You at home, on the street it might have something to scare or inspire. As a result, the puppy may fall under the wheels of the car or in the jaws of a large dog. And the main thing in raising children is patience. Puppies grow quickly and by 8 – 9 months to begin to perfectly understand what is required of them, what are the rules in the family. Ucdai You! And let the interaction between You and Your dog will bring lots of positive moments in Your life.