You will need
  • - Iron
  • - A spray bottle with water;
  • - The steam generator.
Ways to iron organza there are several. First, it can be bleached. But you need to choose the low temperature mode is one in which Pat usually silk or made of synthetic fibers. It is necessary not to burn the fabric. That is, the iron should be only slightly warmed. The sole of the iron must be perfectly smooth. If not, then to achieve the perfect result, it is best to iron the organza through the paper, but only tissue or silk. But ironed a damp cloth is not necessary, and ironed it with steam iron. Can not because of organza in contact with water becomes wavy. And in this case, efforts to proglazhivanie vain.
How to iron <strong>organza</strong>
There is also a popular way to smooth organza without iron. To do this, after washing hands to smooth out the creases and clearly visible bruising. Then the curtain just need to hang up and drench with water from pulverizator. After a couple of days should otvisetsya organza and lining.
There is a third method, becoming more popular when Ironing delicate items (which are products of organza) - this Ironing with a steam generator. It does not damage fabric fibers and smoothes the curtain is easy and simple. After all, the principle of work had somewhat different than that of iron. Therefore, the steam iron should not be used, but the steam generator as much as necessary you can iron the curtains of organza.
How to iron <strong>organza</strong>