Before washing, soak the gauze in a cool salt solution (1-2 teaspoons of salt per 5 liters of water). Leave for a few hours. Salt absorbs dirt very well, and organza after this treatment, becomes white. Then wash it in soap or powder solution, rinse thoroughly. Organza, do not RUB or twist, so hand-washing can only gently to compress. Can wash the shower curtain in the washing machine at a temperature of 30-40 degrees in delicate washing. Hang organza, not squeezing that water from her glass herself.
Dilute starch solution. After washing the organza the same way you rinse and dip the curtain into the solution. In addition, the fabric will become snow-white in hue, she will still hold the shape.
Purchase at the pharmacy ammonia. It is very suitable for whitening clothes of delicate fabrics and won't damage it. Dissolve in a basin of warm water a little detergent and pour it a bottle of smelling salts. Soak in this solution the curtain and leave it for several hours. Then rinse it thoroughly.
Place the organza in the washing machine, add powder and add ten tablets of hydrogen peroxide or 2 tablespoons of solution to 1 liter of water. Place a delicate washing at 40 degrees.
Wash the curtain in the whitening powder, which is sold in any hardware store. Choose a powder specifically designed for tulle and curtains. Or bleach organza in the oxygen bleach, which is least harmful to delicate fabrics.
If all attempts to whiten organza at home is not successful, take the tulle to the dry cleaners. There are special tools will give your curtains initial white appearance.