High-quality silk is almost not wrinkled. So scarves and tops can not be ironed at all. But skirts and dresses from this material quickly crumple, so they have to podgadyvat. And it should be done properly and carefully.
To iron silk products better when they are still slightly damp after washing. The fact that in the case of dripping of water or powerful jets of steam on the silk fabric, stains and divorces. Why moisten clothes during Ironing is not recommended.
It is undesirable to iron silk clothes with steam. Hot steam can warp the fabric under its influence may also change the color of the product.
The iron should be pre-heat by putting on the minimum temperature. On modern devices there is a special mode of "silk". If you are not confident in choosing the right temperature, you need to try to hold the iron in inconspicuous place, such as in the bottom corner of the product. If it does deform, the defect is not so noticeable.
Iron products made of silk have on the reverse side. If you remove the clothes it is impossible or complicated cut does not allow you to iron the fabric on the inside, contact a gauze or soft cotton thin fabric. Put cheesecloth on top of the product, smooth to folds, and gently iron.
Seams on clothes during Ironing can Shine if you do not obey all requirements. To return the garments original appearance, should be re-wet it completely, dry under natural conditions and then ironed at a lower temperature.
Special care requires the so-called "wild silk" – Toussaint, the fibers of which are intertwined a little differently than usual. To iron this material needs a dry and necessarily from the wrong side.