Advice 1: How to smooth folds on the clothes

Clean and ironed clothes is a sign of neatness and tidiness of the person. It would seem that there is nothing difficult to Pat any thing with an iron, but actually in the process of wrinkles on things there are a lot of intricacies – especially when it comes to complex styles, fabrics, requires careful maintenance, knitted things, dresses, business suits, and so on. How to properly iron clothes, we will tell you in this article.
How to smooth folds on the clothes
If you are going to iron the thing out of thin fabric, make sure that the surface of the Ironing Board was thick enough. Ironed linen, put it in the stack and do not remove once in the Cabinet – let things cool off. Before Ironing, sprinkle it from the bottle.
In order to smoothen thing out of satin, wet cloth soaked in warm water with a linen cloth and iron inside out. It is not necessary to iron silk clothes too often – it hurts her colour and texture.
In order to iron knitted, knitted and woolen items, cover them with a damp cloth and place on a soft blanket. Ironed the thing, pressing lightly with an iron. When Ironing synthetic and lace things don't make the iron temperature too high.
If you Pat the dress and don't want on the front side was visible stitch marks, stitch alternately the different parts of the dress – the seams, then hem, and tuck the remaining fabric. Start to iron the dress inside out and then flip it and iron again.
If the Laundry is turning yellow due to too high temperature of the iron, wipe the stain with a cloth dipped in cold water, then iron with a warm iron.
If you have things from delicate fabrics that do not iron, hang them on hangers in the shower to eliminate all folds. Do not squeeze things until they are completely dry in a hanging condition.
In the process of Ironing any thing start with stroking the seam on the reverse side, and then Ratatouille collar and cuffs reverse side. After that, go to the front side of things and zautyuzhte sleeves.
After the sleeves iron the back, the front shoulder seams and Darts. Pay special attention to the Darts – they should be ironed flat and neat, so when Ironing is not formed folds.
All existing things decorative pleats, ruching, ruffles and lace items needs to be ironed equally together with the tissue to which they are sewn. The ruffles and pintucks are placed when Ironing on the edge, and then couturiaux.

Advice 2: How to remove folds from the back

Folds of fat on the back, draw the attention of a few. After all, your back people can not see. And if does not see – means no worries. However, wearing clothing with an open back and admiring herself in the mirror, it's hard not to notice these fat wings. Of course, they look awful, but their presence is not a sentence, and a call to action.
How to remove folds from the back
Datasette on a diet. Diet for weight loss is based on the same principle that the person who wants to lose weight needs to consume fewer calories than you expend. In this case, nutrition must be balanced.Unbalanced or very low calorie (some people manage to cut your diet to 3-4 hundred calories per day at the rate of 2-2,5 thousand) the risk that the metabolism to slow down, the body goes into a state of siege, and you will gain weight even from a drink of water.
Uprajneniya activity is an indispensable attribute of any weight. Exercises will quickly smooth out any wrinkles, though at the back, though on other parts of the body. Try twice a day to do the following exercises:- standing on all fours, leaning on hands and knees, pull forward at the same time the right arm and left leg. Hold the pose for a few seconds, then return to starting position and then stretch your left arm and right leg. This is one repetition. Such repetitions must be done at least 10;- lie on the floor on the belly. Hands along the body. On inhale raise your arms, legs, lift shoulders and hips off the floor and hold this position for a few seconds. Get down on the floor and relax. This is an effective exercise for the back need to be repeated at least 10 times.In daily training have to include aerobic activity (cardio exercise), good burn fat. Don't neglect dumbbells. Only with their help it is possible to acquire a good shape the upper torso and arms.
Image jasnieres of life that you lead, can not help but reflect on your appearance. No wonder they say that sow a habit, reap a destiny. And your daily habits rituals have led you to what you have now. You know those habits that brought you to the state in which you are. Make an inventory list, and gradually replace each of them more healthy. Moreover, the key word here is "gradually".Replace the habit to eat oily and hearty meals on, say, an evening stroll (by the way, the day person should take at least 10,000 steps, which equals about 5 miles). Try to go for a walk at a time when the family sits down for a hearty and unhealthy dinner. And use and no temptations.Review your favourite pastime at the weekend. Instead of eating candy in front of the TV go, for example, to ride a bike or walk with children. And so on.
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