Before you start washing, be sure to shake the curtains to the dirt and dust present on the surface of the fabric in the wash soaked into the fibers.

If the curtains have heavy soiling, let them soak for 5-6 hours in hot water with salt (in 5 gallons of water you need to take 4 tablespoons of salt).

If you decide to wash the tulle in the washing machine, select delicate cycle. To further whiten lace curtains, add when washing special oxygen bleach for machines of the automatic type.

So after washing lace curtains is not acquired creases that are almost impossible to smooth out, before you put the tulle in the drum, fold it several times so that you get a small rectangle. It is advisable to pack a rectangle in a special washing bag.

To lace curtains bought dazzling white, rinse them in cold salted water with three drops of green fodder. Salt water will help to give the curtain the necessary rigidity, and the green paint will make them white.

After washing you should not wring the curtains, it is better to wrap them in a white sheet and slightly press the sheet to the tulle. Still damp curtains can immediately hang on the Windows.