You will need
  • - warm water;
  • Sol;
  • - universal bleach;
  • powder for delicates.
Before you start the washing net curtains, they must be soaked. It is best to soak the tulle in a solution of salt water. Recommended ratio: 250 g of salt per 10 liters of water. You can use washing powder, but it is less effective. Soaking time is about two to three hours.
Once the soaking is finished, do some preparation of the solution for washing. Best suited oxygen bleach, it does not contain chlorine. Can be used powder for delicates. To wash lace curtains very difficult. They tend to whip a rich foam, then it is very hard to autolocate. It is important not to overdo it with the powder. During washing it is necessary both to clear the fabric from dirt and try not to damage it. It is not necessary to RUB and twist the tulleand just lightly give it a squeeze.
After the wash tulle completed, proceed to rinse. It is necessary to rinse with warm water. Opolaskivanie tulle a few times. Do this until the moment when the flowing water is clean. You should then rinse the fabric in cool water with the addition of any conditioning.
Quite often the lace curtains podrabatyvaet, but this is optional. Vinegar, in turn, will lend the sheen of the fabric, and tulle will sparkle in the sun dazzling white, delighting the eye with its freshness. Tulle is best wet to hang on the window, then to the doctor. The fabric in this condition is wonderful dries in a very short time and under his own weight crushes.