You will need
  • - Laundry soap;
  • - washing powder;
  • - turpentine;
  • - alkali;
  • - a solution of soda;
  • - contactor;
  • - soda ash;
Before washing work clothes at home, especially if the pollution is significant, soak it for several hours in a liquid solution of soap or washing powder is highly active. To remove dark stains, use turpentine or grate soap.
Cotton clothesif it is very dirty, before washing can be boiled. Put it in hot water with washing powder and continue to boil, stirring constantly. To enhance the effect in the water, you can add the alkali solution at the rate of 1% of the weight of work clothing dry.
Washes pollution solution of sodium hydroxide, which can be added to boiling water at the rate of 2-3 grams per 1 liter of water. It is only good for boiling extra strong and coarse cloth made of cotton. Boil the working clothes in the soda can for about an hour, stirring constantly, to not burnt. This method can clean almost any spot.
If there is no soda, work clothes can be washed contactelor is a product of oil refining that acts very gentle and does not destroy fabric. Also use it when boiling by adding 1 tablespoon per 10 liters of water. To reinforce the action contactel, you can use soda ash, which is added in 3 teaspoons for the same amount of water.
After boiling the clothes should be rinsed, then proceed directly to the wash.
Dissolve in very hot water with soap and soda. Soap can be grated. Add a solution of washing powder. Take a brush and carefully apply the places which still have traces of dirt. Wash clothes by hand or in the washing machine using mode for heavily soiled items.
Rinse and wring the working clothes. Unfold it and hang to dry. You can use the hangers that the clothes were drying evenly. To restore the properties of the upper cotton clothing after drying, use special tools that will enhance its acid and water resistance.