You will need
  • - water,
  • - detergent or washing powder.
Before washing the jacket, carefully cleaning things normally found on the tag sewn to the seam. Some products are accompanied with detailed annotations in the form of a memo to care, which is desirable to preserve. If the tag pictured is crossed with two crossed lines, a triangle, then wash the jacket in the machine is prohibited. Recommendation to wash the product manually depicted in the form of a hand immersed in water.
After that, check all pockets, remove all of them. Sometimes in the pockets forget the money and documents, after which contact with water are deteriorating. Then fasten all the zippers and put the jacket into the drum.
Pour into the compartment of the washing machine detergent, but it is best to use a liquid detergent for washing. It will be easier to opolaskivaetsya.
Wash the jacket in the machine must be carried out at the temperature stated on the label. Often exhibited a limit of 30-40 degrees. If you wash the jacket at a higher temperature, the fabric may be deformed or shed. Set the wash cycle. If you use washing powder, it is desirable to set the additional rinse cycle that allows you to avoid streaks on the coat.
If the tag of the jacket is an icon of the prohibition of the spin that looks like a square, in which are painted three vertical stripes, restrict this function in a washing machine. It is preferable to wash the jacket in a delicate mode, at least the quantities of momentum, the product will better retain their shape.
After washing, shake the jacket. Easy top clothes can dry on the rope, and the jacket filled with dried horizontally.