Ideal dry cleaning. The professionals in the business easily identify the type of fabric and the right approach to washing. This procedure will take a lot of time on the road and, of course, financial investment. To hold a wash coat at home is easy when you consider all the rules.
Carefully examine the label located on the neck of the product or on the side seam. Often, there are necessary conditions for the care of the thing. Many manufacturers, for example, does not recommend machine washing and indicate a certain water temperature.
Hand-washing coat the main condition for determining a certain temperature and detergent, will serve as the type of fabric. Products made of cotton, silk or viscose wash in lukewarm water with a conventional powder. After that you should not cloak to wring or twist. Just shake a few times, excess water gently and hang on a hanger over the bath. Remember that dry clothes should be carried out in a well-ventilated area, so once all the water will drain from the coat, hang it on the balcony or loggia. Net product ironed from the wrong side, the iron heat up to 120-130 degrees.
Cloaks made of wool, wash straightened on the table, using soap solution and brush. The water temperature should be no higher than 30-40 degrees. After that, rinse the coat with clean water and hang it on a hanger.
If after washing, coat the color has faded, upgrade it using the vinegar solution. To do this, 2 tablespoons of vinegar (9%) mixed with 1/2 Cup water. In the received solution moisten an ordinary kitchen sponge and wipe your product.
If the coat has heavy contamination or stain, clean it with dry powder. On the parcel you sprinkle some washing powder and RUB the spot with a damp sponge. After that, rinse the coat with clean water, smooth it out and hang to dry on a hanger.