You will need
  • Dense fabric, spool of thread, needle, pins, scissors, sewing machine.
Make a soft pencil case. It is absolutely quiet to use and, it is hoped that the school teacher will be very grateful. This tall Cabinet you can sew in a matter of hours, and use them for the rest of my life. The selected model is easy to use because the pencil is always ready to work – it has no cover, tabs, buttons or Velcro. This will save time for work and not to prevent a sudden surge of inspiration.
Start with, measure the pocket in your student portfolio, where he will be comfortable to wear next pencil case. Cut the appropriate size rectangle from a dense fabric. Suitable for wool fabric, or even old jeans. This will be the base of the canister. But in order to make it tight, cut two or three rectangles of the same size. Fold all the rectangles together and stitch around the perimeter on the sewing machine or sew by hand, pre-treating and with tucked edges.
Pocket pencil case cutting so that it was several inches less than the base case in length and several inches greater than the footprint width. This is necessary in order to enable you to stitch the pockets for pencils, pens and rulers for 3-4 cm in width. The result is a kind of bandolier. Don't forget to pre-process the edge of the pocket. Fabric, you can choose a contrast to the basis.
In the wide separation of the pocket, which is approximately 4 cm, stick ruler with eraser, in the next, narrower, put pencils and pens, two in one compartment. If necessary, insert the compass. Tightly filled compartment – protection and guarantee for its contents from falling out.