You will need
  • - leather or avizent for the outer part of the case;
  • - heat insulation material is laid;
  • - parachute straps or grosgrain ribbon;
  • - zipper length less than 50 cm;
  • - zipper pocket across the width of the housing;
  • - 2 plastic buckles with snaps;
  • - graph paper;
  • pencil;
  • a piece of chalk;
  • - the tape;
  • - the range;
  • - sewing machine;
  • - sewing needle;
  • - nylon, Dacron or cotton threads;
  • glue "Moment"
Build on the graph paper pattern. Draw around the guitar. Pencil put vertically. The contour of the neck and head make without thickening the width of the head. The guitar should be able to slide in a case, so increment the pattern to the thickness of the insulation plus another 0.5-1 cm in each direction. For the side deck, draw a rectangle whose length is inches larger than the perimeter of the main part, and a width equal to the height of the deck. Don't forget about allowances.
Put the pattern pieces on the fabric and heat insulation material is laid. Insulation cut it out strictly according to the drawing. On the details of the outer part of the make allowances more. The excess is then trimmed. Remember that you need 2 main items of fabric and insulation and 1 strip.
The case can be done with a pocket. It will be placed on the top. Trace the outline of the pattern of the main part of about half the resonator. Align the pocket along the contour of the outer part. Can it be done without insulation.
From parachute straps or grosgrain ribbon to make a handle. It is a strip with a length of about 25-30 cm. Mark a place for it on the side of the tape, around the part where the resonator connects to the neck. Sew the handle or attach it with rivets.
The case may be with one or two straps. Cut an appropriate piece slings. Two straps also easier to do one piece.
Sewing start with. Open the zipper. Combine one half with the top edge of the pocket to the "dog" turned out to be from the front side. Baste and sew zipper. Mate pristrochite to the top of the cover, aligning wrong side of pocket facing the top. Close the zipper. Baste or cleave the details for the rest of the seams.
To the bottom of the case sew the straps. Find the middle of the line in the place where the fretboard connects to the body. Start from this point 3-4 cm down. Fold sling in half, align the mid with the marked point and pristrochite. From top, apply a triangle of fabric or leather.
Cut 2 pieces of webbing, each length of 15-20 cm Pass them into the slots in the latches and fold in half. Sew them to the bottom of the case, departing approximately 5 cm from the semi-circular cut. Sure, the parts were on the same level and the same distance from the sides. Strengthen their triangles of leather or fabric.
Mark on the strip the place for a long zipper. Measure the zipper, subtract the measure of the total length of the strips, divide the result by 2. Mark this distance from the short cuts in one or the other side. Align the marks obtained at the half zipper and the top of the case. Make sure that "doggy" ultimately turned out to be from the front side. Baste and pristrochite zipper half to strip and then to the top of the case.
Lay out all of the details wrong side up. Stick to him heat insulation material is laid, leaving allowances. Spread glue on the metallized side of the insulation. Let the parts dry.
Sweeps and sostrochite first the top part of the cover and strip. Do it on the reverse side. Similarly pristrochite to strip the bottom part. Remove the cover. Turned the heat insulation material is laid without any problems. Sew the buckles to the straps.