By the way, a box for storage of any items, including underwear, it is better to do with your hands because you will be able to choose the size of DIY for your shelf or wardrobe. Thus the closet space is used with maximum efficiency.

For DIY you will need a cardboard box, colorful fabric (cotton, satin, linen), glue (PVA, Moment, etc., in the statement which says that they are recommended by the manufacturer for paper, cardboard, fabric), scissors, brush for glue, ruler.

Tip: of course, you can buy a hard cardboard and make a box yourself, but cheaper to ask for a box at any grocery or Department store. Often they just put up some cash, so everyone could take some moving boxes or craft projects.

Work process:

1. Stitch two handles to the box. Width of the finished handles must be at least 1.5-2 cm, length - about twice the distance between the places of attachment of the handles. Rod handles need to be staggered 4 times more ready to handle (i.e., 6-8 cm). If the stitching of the handle do not want to pick up a tight braid.

2. Cut the top flaps of the box. If necessary, cut a few inches of cardboard on top.

3. On two opposite sides of the box mark the place for pens. Sharp scissors or a knife to cut through holes for mounting handles. The length of the hole for the handle needs to be larger than the width of the handle about 3-5 mm, a width of about 3-5 mm.

Ящик для хранения одежды своими руками

4. Glue a box of tissue on the outside. Good promazyvaya adhesive surface of the box. At the junction podrachivaya fabric (to give the impression that there is a hidden seam) and promazyvaya glue carefully.

5. Make cuts in the fabric where there should be a pen box. Handles attach in the slots and glue them from the inside. Mask the place where they glued pieces of thin cardboard.

6. Glue the fabric from the inside of the box.