The Achatina snails, which are common on the African continent, the food is unpretentious. They can eat animal excrement and decaying parts of plants, different impurity. Thus, akatinol can be called natural cleaners. At home Achatina eat all types of meat and various herbs.

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Features of the structure

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The shell of the snail Achatina protects the body from damage, drying, attacks by enemies. For smell responsible end swellings of the tentacles. Chemical smells the snail is able to feel at a distance of about 4 cm as the sensory organs are the soles of the tentacles. African snails have no hearing and vocal apparatus. But they are inherent in all conditioned reflexes.


Eat Achatina with language that has a lot of Horny studs. Rough tongue, something like a cat. Light of the mollusk is represented by a fold of skin, penetrated by capillaries. Movement speed akatinol very small. They are able to crawl for a minute only 1 see These clams have on your body light-sensitive cells. So the perceived light not only their eyes but also the whole body. Too bright African snails annoying.

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Achatina are by nature hermaphrodite. Usually female gender represent adults, and the men younger. For the birth of new offspring in the terrarium Lodge adult and young snails. Giant snails are ready for reproduction, since six months old. Many individuals to reach sexual maturity requires more time, up to one year. It depends on the climate in which the clam lives. To develop the embryo may be from a few hours to two weeks. Introduced snails eat the remains of his egg. Live African snail for about 5 years. It used to be that age akatinol in captivity up to 10 years.

The use of molluscs in cosmetology

African snails secrete a unique secret, which is a natural antioxidant. It has anti-aging, regenerative and antibacterial. Women of different ages use akatinol to solve all kinds of skin problems: wrinkles, scars, acne, stretch marks, cuts. Cosmetic treatments using African snails is very expensive. Snails to rejuvenate and hydrate the skin. at home, without a visit to the beautician.