You will need
  • Cell phone, memory card. Better buy a card such well-known and trusted companies like Apacer, Kingmax, Transcend, Sony, Kingston.
What if the amount of memory of the phone is not very big, and posts a lot, but to remove them you do not want? This will help you map memory for mobile phone. First, make sure that the card memoryyou bought is suitable for your phone. Otherwise, your phone may hang or run very slowly.
How to save SMS to <b>map</b> <em>memory</em>
Then select which messages you really need and which should be removed.
How to save SMS to <b>map</b> <em>memory</em>
Sort all messages by folders and files, and give them a name. For example, all messages from the beloved point to one folder, from parents to another, for friends will create a third, and so on.
How to save SMS to <b>map</b> <em>memory</em>
Creating the map memory additional folders in which to store SMS messages, find phone function to save messages to card memory and press the corresponding key. Now everything is ready. You a full order and all laid out on the ground.
Do not trust to do this work to their friends or acquaintances. Not the fact that they succeed better than you, which means that instead of save, the message can accidentally delete.
If you don't know or not sure you will be able to save my TEXT messages to card memory, read the phone manual.