To restore SMS on the phone, if you accidentally deleted them on the spot. On some devices, in addition to folders "Inbox", "Outbox", etc. have a "trash" section, where temporarily stored deleted messages. From here, you can return them to the Inbox folder or simply copy the necessary information. Also browse to the folder "drafts". Perhaps here you will also find a fully or partially stored messages.
Try to recover deleted messages on your phone, selecting the option "to Load SMS from SIM card" in the settings of your device. If she was active at the time of accidental deletion of required information, you'll be able to return the data. Otherwise enable her to in the future when they lose the message you were able to recover them. If the phone stores the data on the SIM card, but does not have the function of recovery, purchase a card reader and connect it to your personal computer. Insert the SIM card with the data card reader. Now, go to "My computer" you will see it as removable media, where you can copy your messages.
You can also restore deleted SMS messages with the help of special software for your phone, which is designed to synchronize its data with a personal computer (e.g., iTunes, PC Suite, etc.). If you previously used a similar app, it could backup to save the current state of your phone. Connect your mobile device to the computer and using the software roll back data to their previous state, which will help you to recover lost text messages.