Download this program working with files — file Manager. One of the best is called Total Commander. Open any browser and type in the address bar, the website address You will immediately see a link to Direct download. Click this link and download the file. There are other shell file, for example, the Frigate, is available at Next, you will be considered a work of Total Commander.
Install the program. To do this, double click on the downloaded installation file, select the Russian language from the list that appears on the screen, and click "Next". Agree or refuse the installation of additional languages, here only the choice is yours — the features is not affected.
Click on the next page of the installer to the folder where you installed the file Manager: the default is the C: drive and the folder totalcmd. Click "Next" after selecting the folder and again "Next" on the next screen. The installer will ask you where you need shortcuts — check the options and proceed to the next screen. A message appears indicating that the installation was successful. Click OK.
Run Total Commander. Double click the shortcut on the desktop or open the folder where you have installed the program, and run the file Totalcmd.exe. A window will appear with a message about payment programs and conditions of the free trial. Click on the desired option and select the "Button disc" and "Two panel buttons disks" at the top of the window.
Then click OK to save the settings. You will see a window divided into two halves, with a list of files and folders left and right. These are called half-panelled file Manager. Above them a row of buttons with the letters of your drives.
Connect your card to computer. If you have a mobile phone, player, camera or other device with direct connection to a PC, use the bundled USB cable. Plug its one end into the computer and the other into your device. In a few moments you will see a message about the new device, which is found in the system. Also in the window of Total Commander, a new button for the drive, for example, J or F. It will be indicated by a green arrow, which underlines the status of the temporarily connected device.
Enable show all files in Total Commander. Click "Configuration" in the program menu and select "setting" — they are at the top of the window, below the title. Select in the left column section "Content panels" and tick the top option called "Show hidden and system files". Click OK to save and apply settings. The program is now set so that you can view all the files on the card memory.
Click the drive letter corresponding to your device. In the panel you will see the full list of files and folders that are on the media.