Open Photoshop and create a new document with a size of 300x300 pixels. When you create a new document, choose transparent background (Background Transparent). Also the background can be white. On the toolbar select the text tool (T) and write on the created field any text that you want to see in print.
At the end of the text with an asterisk. Text layer, select by clicking on it with the left mouse button, and then in the top of the control panel text layer, select Warp Text. In the list of forms for the distortion of the text, select the AGS and select the item Horizontal. Your text will bend the arch. Click OK.
In the menu Layer, select Rasterise the Type. After the layer is rasterized copy layer, create a duplicate (Duplicate Layer) and expand the copy 180 degrees. To do this, open the Edit menu and select Transform -> Rotate 180.
Manually move the copy so that it was under the original and that both texts have formed a smooth circle. Merge the layers by choosing Merge Down click on the layer palette with the right mouse button.
Now create a new layer, and then the text area will scroll when you click on panel circle selection tool (Elliptical Marquee Tool). On the Edit menu, select Stroke and set the stroke black in color, 5 pixels. Clear the selection by pressing the menu Select the option Deselect.
Repeat the above steps with the creation of round strokes, making a thinner circle inside an already created circle. In the narrow region formed between the two circles, write any text. All the layers combine and add any image inside print.