You will need
  • bipolar stepper motors, guide rails of different lengths, carriage, power supply.
Experience suggests that to create the coordinate table, you can use the guides from old printers. The hardest part of the mechanical design plottera device that moves the pen. One of the existing methods – to accommodate a small servo to push the short side of the lever. To the long side of the lever is attached to the marker. When the servo is in its upper position, the spring presses down. The pen is always raised to the same height, and lowered to the extent allowed paper or other object on which you are applying.
To control the pen used stepper motors, which can also be removed from the disassembled printer. However, they provide only the stylus moves back and forth. For step-by-step head control required the microcontroller which will decode the commands and convert them into commands for the stepper motor.
Now about the software: to control the unit is language HPGL. A list of the most frequently used commands can be found in the open resources on the Internet. To use the unit to create drawings for printed circuit boards and transferring on paper of any drawings, converted from PostScript.
To ensure the operation of the two stepper motors will fit the power supply +5V and 1A 24V. It can also be taken from the disassembled printer. If you place the pen in the carriage to install 300 mW laser, you can use a homemade flatbed plotter for cutting. The power of such a laser is enough to burn wood or cutting thin films.