If you are at home, then go to the mirror and show his tongue. White coating on it means that the smell is definitely there. Moreover, the closer to the evening, it will grow. A solution of potassium permanganate to help you. It kills all odors. You can brush your teeth and tongue. There are also special brushes with soft pad for cleaning the tongue.
Another way is closely connected with your hand. Smell your hand and remember how she smells. Then breathe on it, or kiss. Can just to lick, then sniff. It smells like it in this moment from your mouth. Save the softener cavity of the mouth, which in the stores is less than forty rubles.
If your relatives or friends are not particularly squeamish, they will help the surest way. Simply breathe in their direction. Lie they will not flatter too. Well, when friends are not around, will help ordinary dental floss. Swipe it between his teeth and smell. Smell of threads equal to the smell from the cavity of your mouth.