To find out whether you have bad breath, you need to fold their hands together, bring to face, exhale sharply with the mouth and breathe by nose. About the same inhale the aroma of your partner.
So why there is an unpleasant smell from the mouth? The main cause of bad breath is plaque on the teeth, tongue, cheeks, which is formed by the activity of bacteria. Also unpleasant odor can exude some products such as onion, garlic. Breath of the smoker also rarely exerts a favorable impression on the interlocutor, not only because of the smoke, but also because of the dryness of the mouth, which is the reason for settlements in the mucous membranes of pathogenic bacteria. People who are on duty have a lot to say, also often suffer from dry mouth and often exude a bad smell. Common cause of odor is the active multiplication of bacteria in the mouth after eating is the lack of hygiene and at night. Stink can the patients teeth and gums.
To get rid of bad breath in the first place, be accustomed regularly to maintain hygiene. Try to brush your teeth or rinse your mouth after each meal. To kill bacteria that cause odor, buy toothpaste and mouthwash with antibacterial properties without alcohol, desiccate mucous membranes. Regularly change toothbrush.
If you are concerned about bad breath in the morning, despite regularly brushing your teeth, try to drink on an empty stomach a half Cup of lightly salted water and then eat Breakfast cereal with milk or yogurt. After a week of a bad smell should disappear.
Since the cause of bad breath can be the slag that collects in the folds of the intestine, can help the body digest food faster and clean. This contributes to the oatmeal in the water and muesli and other foods rich in fiber.
Drink plenty of water helps the body work more effectively: to better digest food, purify, fight bacteria. Drink at least two liters of clean cool water per day.
There are many folk remedies that help to remove bad breath. For example, two or three times a day rinse your mouth with peppermint extract. Cook it, brew a tablespoon of dry or fresh mint in a Cup of boiling water. Well will refresh your mouth and moisten mucous membranes, infusion of leaves of strawberry, wormwood and chamomile flowers, helps fight bacteria, infusion of oak bark. They are prepared and used as mouthwash mint.
If you need to get rid of bad breath urgent, can help chewing gum. However, in case of important business meetings, its use would be inappropriate. Better replace it with the spray to freshen breath.
In order to temporarily remove bad breath, you can also chew the coffee bean, leaf, fresh peppermint or parsley. Will also help cope with bad breath eaten Apple or a carrot.
If bad breath is not associated with poor hygiene and is not removed described methods, contact your doctor. To get rid of bad smell, check the condition of the teeth and gastrointestinal tract. If problems are detected, take the course of treatment.