Write 30 sentences about yourself in the past. Sentences should be short and specific. Describe what you have achieved. Remember the achievements in different spheres of life - in education, sports, leadership. Write down what tools you own, the books which topics you have read, what foreign languages studied. Add a phrase about how you were in nature in childhood, adolescence. Remember that you appreciated what they aim.
Write 30 sentences about yourself in the present. Specify your current goals, dreams, character traits. Try to look at ourselves.
Write 30 sentences about yourself in the future. Imagine that you are already there. Describe how you feel, what new goals to set.
Print all listings on the printer. You should get 90 or more sentences, printed one under the other.
Cut the list into strips. On each strip of paper should be only one sentence.
Shuffle the strips. Let's mix past, present and future.
Lay the strips into 3 groups. What these groups are "Very important", "General information", "you Can forget".
Do not discard any offers, save them for the future. Depending on the purpose of the story about yourself, you once want to lay out proposals on groups differently. Something will be important, and something will be set aside as irrelevant.
Tell us about yourselfusing a group of "Very important". If in this group there were too many sentences, select the most important. Well practice your story.