If you need to collect the test this morning, first carefully clean the teeth. In the day or in the evening just rinse your mouth to remove bacteria and food particles.
Twice inhale very deeply to filled with air the lungs. After the breath, slowly exhale the air through the nose. Take a deep breath again and quickly release the air from the lungs through the mouth. Then again inhale and try to cough.
Take a sterile container and bring it to her mouth. Spit, othergov sputum, and tightly cover the container with a lid. Can wrap it in a plastic bag. Don't forget to wash hands with soap.
As soon as possible take the container on research, we must not tarry. After a few hours to analyze the collected sputum does not make sense, its structure will gradually disintegrate and will have to reassemble.
After a few days take the results and visit the doctor for the decision accurate diagnosis and treatment.