American braids can be woven in two ways: "head", or point. For this hairstyle best suited hair shoulder-length, cut in steps. But even with very short hair (less than 3-4 cm) can make Africanbraids, grow them to the desired length.
Zapleteny the number of braids depends on the hair density you want to achieve. Begin to weave them with the middle of the head. Do partings, but it is possible to weave without them. At the base of the braid by tying a knot fastened synthetic material kanekalon. From him, and the hair weave braids in for a few hours or days.
Braids in African style, you can make wavy with a small or large wave, and their tips - just cropped, and with a brush or a knot. You can also create the effect of "the living end" pigtails, and you can decorate it with the tip of the bead.
When 2 strands of hair twisted in a spiral, out of rope; if the strands weave around its axis, then we obtain the harnesses. You can make a "sausage" wrapping one strand that is woven with the other strand.
Head with pigtails wash after five days with a shampoo without conditioning to the hair is not left sticky residue. Useful when cleaning use a sponge. On the hair roots with its help, apply the shampoo, massage the scalp with your fingers and then thoroughly wash off the shampoo.
Term wearing African braids depends on the number of woven. The more you have, the longer it will keep the hair. On average, about 200 head braid braids. Such a number is optimal for maintaining the health of the hair and beauty hairstyles. Keeps the hairstyle from pigtails to approximately 2.5 months, as if to make correction of the braids at the edges of the hairline, it can last for a month longer.
Hairstyle pigtails for a long time will protect your hair from all sorts of chemicals included in the styling. In addition, you will get a new hair color without the harmful effects of dyes. While the color opportunities are extensive. Using different colors of kanekalon fiber, it is possible to achieve interesting color options. Hair can give the effect of bleaching, if the hair weave kanekalon color a tone or two above the color of your natural hair.
African braids will protect your hair from the influence of environmental factors – moisture, dry air, temperature changes etc., as the curls in braids are like the case, but breathing. When you're taking apart your African braids, you'll see a more vibrant and healthy hair.