Advice 1: How to open CD drive laptop

The disc drive device for recording and reproducing information from DVD and CD discs. Good drive simply. But in case of problems you can use additional ways to open the optical drive.
How to open CD drive laptop
You will need
  • Program Unlocker
  • clip.
Carriage drive, usually located on one side of the laptop. Inspect the sides carefully. You have to find a thin rectangular inscription panel with DVD. It is an oblong button with which you can open the CD drive of the laptop.
If the button has not brought the desired result, perhaps in this moment the operating system the laptop runs the application that is launched from the disk. In this case, you will need to disable the process that blocks opening drive. Call the task Manager by simultaneously pressing Ctrl, Alt and Del. Browse through the list of running applications in the open Applications tab. If there is a program running from disk, select it and click "end task".
Perhaps the process that is blocking the drive, a virus. To unlock need to install the program Unlocker. This app adds a context menu item with the same name. Highlighting in the folder "My computer" click the drive you want and clicking on this menu item brings you to the main menu. It shows locked files. Unlock them by clicking "Unlock all" and then try to open the drive the normal way.
If the previous steps didn't help and the laptop performs these operations is too slow, turn off the laptop. Then turn it on and immediately, without waiting for loading the operating system, try to access the cart using the button on the drive's panel.
You can use a software method to eject the disc tray. Open the folder "My computer" icon on your desktop. Select the CD drive. It might be called a "DVD RW drive" or "DVD RAM drive". Open the context menu of the right mouse button and click on "Extract".
Open drive laptop can mechanically. For this you will need a paperclip or a toothpick. Insert the selected object into the small hole on the outer panel of the drive. Push it inside until it stops, until you hear a click. After that, the disc tray will slightly move, and you will be able to pull it completely.

Advice 2 : How to open the drive

The drive is for reading information from a hard disk. If he's all right, it is quite easy to open, but it so happens that it's just jammed. To get the CD from the drive can be normal or forced way.
How to open the drive
If you jammed the drive, first try to shut down the computer.

Then turn it off by the button which is located on the rear panel of the system unit, wait a few seconds. Click on the button and start the computer.
Try to open the drive the normal way. Choose the folder "My computer" then "DVD RW drive(D)" and right click, find the line "remove" and click the left mouse button.

This method does not help in all cases, but only when the computer froze.
If the drive doesn't open willingly, try the forced method.

Take a toothpick or a needle. Look under the floppy drive hole. Insert the needle until it stops, should happen to click. Then it will open.
If the drive is never opened, then you can help you can only be a specialist.
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