Soon after your house there was a small puppy, it is necessary to instill. Some dog owners for various reasons did not wish or forget to pass all necessary procedures in a veterinary clinic to vaccinate your pet is still needed as not vaccinated, the animal may be a danger to your family and children.
какие документы нужно сделать собаке
So, coming for the first time with your pet to a veterinary clinic for a vaccination, you will receive a veterinary passport for dogs. This is the official document of your pet in which to Deposit all the necessary information about the state of his health. Veterinary passport you may need for trade shows, traveling with a dog overseas, as well as in emergency situations.
Какие должны быть документы у собаки
For individual species, there are different veterinary passport. The first page of an international veterinary passportand for dogs fills the owner or breeder. Here you must specify the name, surname and address of the owner and the nickname of the dog, date of birth, gender, breed, coat color, coat, markings, special signs, and also, the name, surname, address and telephone number of the breeder. In passporte also provides a place for pictures of your pet, provided the way dogs and basic physiological data of healthy dogs, that is, information that can be useful to the owner.
как получить ветпаспорт на собачку
Usually in the veterinary passport also includes information about vaccination made animal. This indicates the vaccination form, date when it was made, the signature and seal veterinarian and stamp of the hospital to which you applied.
как правильно заполнить ветеринарный паспорт собаки
Make a passport for his beloved dogs won't be difficult – you only need to visit the nearest veterinary facility. Yes and it is about ten rubles. But this document is as important and necessary for you as the owner of your pet as your own passport, because it paid all information about your dog, and it can be useful at any time.
как правильно заполнить ветеринарный паспорт собаки