In a pedigree are usually entered all the data about the dog until the third or fourth generation, depending on the rules of the club. If the data on any relatives of the dog are not available, a pedigree will be considered defective.
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So, buy a dog only if he has a puppy card. It consists of two almost identical parts, which are filled in during the purchase. In the metric needs to be completed for all items. Here should be indicated name, breed, color, brand, date of birth, parents, breeder and owner. The card must be authenticated by the signature of the handler and seal club.
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Metric is a temporary document. It serves as a basis for obtaining the pedigree, as it card that you must register the breeder. You take the puppy card in the Russian cynological Federation, and after some time get ready pedigree. If some papers on the parents is not to be missed, get your card marked. For "domestic" pedigree you will be able to participate in Russian exhibitions, so if you plan to participate in international competition, you need to be concerned about obtaining an export pedigree.
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To obtain an international pedigree, you must submit the original Russian ancestry in the same kennel Federation. When you receive this document, you will be able to participate in international exhibitions, also she will need to design mating with dogs from other countries. Export pedigree acts on Russian territory.
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But what if a purebred dog is no pedigree? In such cases, the register issued a pedigree. Your pet needs to see the experts and they can give an opinion, you have a pedigree dog or not. In the case of a positive answer, you will draw the pedigree, which will be recorded only this dog. Thus, you will be able to take part in any dog shows.
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