You will need
  • - veterinary passport;
  • - export permit RKF;
  • - veterinary certificate number 1
Prepare veterinary passportadvantage that your dog has an international veterinary passport of an established standard. A veterinary certificate must be completed in English. The passport specifies the details of the dog owner, as well as full information about the animal, including data on the performed vaccinations and deworming dates. Make sure that the vaccine that vaccinated your dog, comply with international standards. Well if the vaccination polyvalent vaccines. Pay special attention to vaccination against rabies - it is obligatory for all, without exception, countries. Make sure that vaccinations are overdue. You should know that all vaccinations must be done no earlier than 30 days before departure. Inoculations made more than 9 months ago it is recommended to make again.
нужно чтобы вывезти кота на украину
Do ciproantibiotic is one of the conditions for the export of animals from the territory of the Russian Federation. Also, it is a prerequisite for the importation of dogs into the EU. To do this procedure in most of the state veterinary clinics. The essence of the procedure is that under the skin of the animal is injected with a microchip that contains data about the dog and its owner. Information is read with a special device.
как вывести кошку из тайланда
Find out the regulations for importing animals to the country whose borders you will cross. Some countries require additional vaccinations against infectious diseases. For the importation of animals in some countries are required to take a blood test for antibodies to rabies. Note that in some countries the importation of certain breeds of dogs are prohibited.
To get all of this information in the Consulate of the country concerned.
как сделать на котенка паспорт
Get permission for temporary export of a dog overthe border from a representative of RCF. The document must be stamped by the RKF.
собака друг человека
If you fly by plane, be sure to inform that you are traveling with a dog when buying tickets. Do not forget to specify the rules of transportation of animals in a particular airline.
как провести собаку в поезде
3 days before departure will receive a veterinary certificate number 1. This certificate is issued on the basis of the veterinary passport. Note that to obtain this help is possible only in the state veterinary clinics.
On the day of departure you must arrive at the airport early to get through customs and veterinary control.