Take care of background sounds. To make an important call while in a noisy street or in public transport, not the best solution. The interlocutor will not hear you, and the roar of the engines, in which the result of the conversation will turn into a series of permanent perekrashivaniya and clarifications. Find a quiet courtyard or postpone the call until then, until you reach home or work.
Introduce yourself. Do not forget to clearly pronounce your name and the name of the company where you work, even if that number you already called. If this is your first call, you need some time to pronounce his name, so the listener heard it right. Without sounding too obsessive, introduce yourself immediately by name, and then repeat it, adding the full name.
Make sure that you've reached the right place and talking with the person planned. Wait for the interviewee to introduce themselves, or independently verify the company name, name, surname and position of the person who responds to the call. To further address your interlocutor by name, even if you speak only with a Secretary.
Specify whether whether the interviewee to talk at the moment. It is better to know how the other person is ready to talk than not to be interrupted in the middle of a conversation. If you were asked to call back later, say when it's convenient. Best way to pronounce an affirmative sentence with a question mark. For example: "I'll call you back in 20 minutes?". Don't ask the caller to call back themselves if he does not offer.
Inform about the purpose of your call. Try not to use long sentences, convoluted constructions. Each sentence should contain only one idea.Speak briefly, clearly and only on the merits. The interviewee will appreciate that you keep time. Worrying, many people accelerate the pace of his speech. Try to avoid this. You should speak calmly and slowly enough so the listener can insert a word into the flow of your speech. It is not necessary to speak in monotone: mentally put all logical stress, highlight the voice of a particularly important phrase.