The car with the engine running at idle, put on a flat surface and pressed the brake pedal. While continuing to hold down the pedal switch speed on all the provisions that the entire automatic transmission is filled with oilm
The brake pedal remains pressed and the speed lever is switched in position "Parking" P or neutral position N (on some models). Then release the brake and remove the engine oil dipstick automatic transmission, then remove from him all of the medicine, wipe dry and insert it back into the filler neck.
How to check <em>oil</em> <b>box</b> machine
Then, remove the dipstick and verify that oil level is halfway FULL and ADD marks. If the oil level does not reach the lower mark, the oil should be topped up, and repeat again the above steps. At the end again to check the level. Adding oil toavoid overfilling the system because of the excessive oil is causing the foaming, and exits through the breather.
Bringing the oil level up to normal and after this on the device, reinsert the dipstick into the filler neck. Watch what he got up to his seat tightly and all the way to water, dirt and other unwanted substances do not get inside the automatic transmission.
How to check <em>oil</em> <b>box</b> machine