You will need
  • mailbox;
  • - the ground;
  • - the seeds.
Before planting the strawberry seeds, you must purchase quality planting material. Be prepared for the fact that the elite seeds are sold in the amount of 3-5 pieces, that in the absence of practices the cultivation reduces the chances of the harvest. The more seeds pack, the higher the probability of their germination. Can be planted in different parts of the box several varieties, subsequently raspolirovat them in different pots.
Take a box for planting, prepare the soil. In order to have time to obtain normal seedlings and to grow seedlings from seeds strawberry plant seeds in the ground in early winter. For this fit an ordinary garden earth or garden soil, not too loamy and peat. Put earth in a box, not cosipa to the brim and slightly wet. Lay the seeds on top of this distance to future shoots do not interfere with each other. Sprinkle on top of the ground they do not need. To create constant humidity and climate control drawer is covered by a transparent plastic or glass so that the rays of the sun can easily penetrate to the seeds.
The drawer put in such a place that it got the maximum amount of sunlight. When you see the first shoots, remove the glass or polythene. When the bushes appears a few leaves, transplant them into individual peat pots in which they will later be planted in the open ground.
When established warm weather and bushes grow up, dropped them off at their summer cottage. Over the summer the seedlings will have formed and become stronger, and next season will already give the first berries. So in practice to grow strawberries from seed is not so difficult.