Advice 1: How to grow sweet and big strawberries

There are many varieties of strawberries, and for each grade it is necessary to properly care to strawberries grew large and tasty. Taste the quality of this wonderful berries are directly dependent on the proper care of her.
How to grow sweet and big strawberries
For planting strawberries is necessary to properly prepare the soil. So, strawberries fertilized with nitrogen fertilizer (ammonium nitrate) per one hundred square meters need 2 kilograms. Dilute the fertilizer with water and pour into the prepared garden beds for planting strawberries. It is recommended to do it at the end of March or beginning of April. Feed strawberry nitrate once a year. If you'll more to do this large would not benefit, because they will grow some leaves and lots of weeds. Go to planting strawberries. It is recommended to plant the bushes from each other 15-20 centimeters, so she had enough space in the future and that the bushes do not touch each other.
Strawberry loves water. It is recommended to water it every day, but after sunset, as if to water in the afternoon or in the morning, is suddenly burning sun, it dried the dirt and earth will burst, and strawberry does not like it. She likes that the earth was soft and fluffy.
When you already collected all the fruits, prepare the plant to rest. This is done in the autumn. Take a sharp scissors and every Bush prune the roots, remove old dried leaves. Free shrub of old leaves and rotten berries, take cow manure (you can use other kinds of manure) and carefully pour all the beds. Fertilize strawberries every year! If you follow these simple rules, the strawberries will be next year a very large, sweet, fleshy.

Advice 2: How to water the strawberries

For strawberries detrimental too scarce and too abundant watering. Therefore, gardeners who decided to grow a plant, need to know how to water the strawberries properly for a good harvest.
Proper irrigation of strawberries


General information

Strawberry loves the moisture, but if the water is a lot, the mustache and the roots of the bushes to rot. Because of this, this berry requires special watering: moderate, but frequent. The method of watering is different at different stages. Before flowering can be watered by way of sprinkling, after flowering until the end of fruiting it is necessary to use a radical method.

Best strawberries to water early in the morning to the leaves by the evening had time to dry if they get wet. The application rate should be calculated on the basis of the composition of soils, in most cases, each square meter is enough from 10 to 20 liters of water. It is desirable that the water was not cold, will approach a temperature of +20oC and above. If you do not comply with this requirement, the bushes sooner or later they will get sick.

In hot weather, the strawberries should be watered 2 times a week, at a moderate temperature is enough to 1 watering per week or 1 every 10 days. In emergency watering a plant needs in the first weeks after planting and during flowering. As ripening strawberries the number of irrigations was cut, so the berries do not rot.

Technique of watering strawberry

If we talk about the technique of irrigation, today the choice among farmers is extensive. You can use an ordinary watering can with water stored in some containers. Can be used for irrigation hose and a stationary water. There is also a modern system of watering is drip and modes of operation.

To water the strawberries with a watering can, we must make some effort, so the method is suitable only for small beds. The hose allows to handle a much larger number of plants, but it is not always possible to use this method of irrigation for strawberries. For example, in the flowering period watering strawberries should be only under the root. A strong current can damage plants. The most effective are is and drip irrigation systems, and it is the opinion of most gardeners.

Drip system

When using drip systems to the strawberries down a flexible tube with holes made near the bushes. So the water goes directly into the ground near the plants, in no way damaged. Another advantage of this system is the ability to adjust the water flow and the additives in it of soluble fertilizers.

Irrigation system with sprinklers

This type of irrigation works on the principle of a water hose but you have the option to automate the process. Once is enough to set an irrigation schedule and the strawberries will get moisture regularly in the required quantity. You can adjust the water pressure, so when properly configured, the berries and the plant as a whole will not be damaged.


Watering strawberries is a very important and time-consuming process, but if everything is correctly configured and thorough approach to the issue, all will be solved very easily. If you have decided to start growing plants, do it as professionally as possible.

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