Buy seeds varietal berries and sow them in the month of February. The procedure is quite simple – take a regular soil for seedlings, poured in the container, thoroughly moisten, tamp, and put on top of the strawberry seeds. In the instructions on the bags are usually advised to cover them with earth or sand, but it is better not to do it. Top cover the container with the seeds with plastic wrap or glass and put in a warm place. When sprouts appear, remove covering, capacity put on the light. Maintain constant soil moisture. When I grow up 1-2 true leaf, seedlings to dive down into individual peat pots or disposable cups, boxes yogurt, etc. After the ground has sufficiently warmed, you can plant strawberries.
First, properly prepare the soil. If you are going to plant the old garden, to fertilize it with humus or compost. But better to take unspoiled land. Trim and push the weed, but in any case, do not dig and do not pull out, they will decompose and become fertilizer for sweet berries. Moisten the ground. Top top future klubnichniy roofing material, powder up. All edges and joints close the boards or bricks. Instead of roofing material you can use cardboard, dark film and other similar materials. But they will last only one season, the same roofing material – 3-4 years, that's how much strawberries are recommended to grow in one place.
Mark the location of the bushes. For each cut in the roofing material crosswise a small hole. On a single sheet must be placed no more than three, and preferably two rows of plants. The distance between rows and 40 cm between the bushes – 20 cm Thin stick make a small hole, fill it with water. Take the Bush of the strawberry and carefully, trying not to damage it, place the roots into the hole, pushing aside the edge of the roofing material. Transplant completed.