You will need
  • - fertilizers;
  • - planting material.
Plant the strawberries on a flat surface or evade to the South-West. Don't try to grow strawberries in the lowlands, on the slopes, this will lead to late ripening and increasing disease and pests.
The landing site should be selected considering the timing of snow melt. Early snow melt can not guarantee a bountiful harvest. Planting must be protected from the wind, so places with a through-flows for cultivation are not suitable.
The best time for planting – in may or end of July. Seedlings planted in sockets, not falling asleep to the growth point. If you are planning to your outlet with one fallopian Bush take no more than 5 shoots, which will grow 15 outlets. The mother hive for reproduction must not be fertile, therefore, the appearance of the first flower stalks are carefully cut them.
Strawberry likes slightly acidic soil, containing clay, sand with a high content of humus and nutrients. In wet soils the ridges make high, on soils with low humidity to elevate the ridge is not necessary. Ridges for planting culture in the fall, in the spring you just loosen and straighten.
Fertilize ridge humus, peat, sand, sod, earth and sawdust. The soil should be as rich and fertile. The width of the ridges do not more than 100 cm Before cultivation make one m2 of the ridge two tablespoons of fertilizer GROWTH 1 or nitrophoska and 1 kg of wood ash. Dolomite powder, you can make only in the fall.
Perekapyvayut ridge at a depth of 35 cm, clear weeds from the soil and roots, remove the beetles and larvae after planting the plants liberally sprinkle coarse river sand, not forgetting that the growth point on the socket must be open. This will help protect the plants from slugs, centipedes, snails, and aphids which spread the disease.
After planting, pour outlet by sprinkling. Proper planting will help the Bush to form before the frost-resistant. Next year you'll get the first good crop.
Observe the technique of planting. The distance between the bushes should be 15 cm, between rows 60 cm After the first harvest guide thinning to a distance of 30 cm in rows.
Care is the systematic irrigation, remove the first flower stalks, so they do not Deplete the hive, and is not inhibited plant growth.
At the end of August proryhlit the soil to a depth of 5 cm, mix in a layer of peat or sawdust. At the first sprinkle of snow boarding and lightly tamp.
Spring re-cultivation, make complex fertilizers. As soon as the young leaves begin to grow, all the old dried remove. With the beginning of the appearance of the ovaries over mulch the beds with peat. It will help prevent the strawberries from the appearance of Botrytis. The second swipe mulching in the late autumn.
After the third year of fruiting of all the bushes, remove, make the fertilizer, carefully dig the garden and plant a new outlet.