Growing strawberries, you must know the particular technology. She is developing well on level or slope of the surface in the South-West. Very steep not suitable. Not recommended to grow in the lowlands, where it is stored cool air. In these areas the ripening of strawberries will be slow, and it will be sick often. The southern slopes are considered a bad place because there before the snow melts.

Good land for cultivation is one that is protected from the wind. The root system is frozen, and in 10 degrees below zero. Strong moisturizing strawberry does not tolerate, but is a moisture-loving plant. It is recommended after every 2 years to change the place of growing strawberries, because over time soil has been accumulating various diseases.

How to propagate strawberries?

For reproduction of the necessary outlets (seedlings) that are grown independently. They grow on mustaches uterine bushes. Outlet that is closer to the Bush, are considered the best. You need to leave no more than four sockets on a single shoot.

With time appeared on the escape outlet is starting to gain a foothold in the soil and developing root system. The best for seedlings are bushes growing and giving fruits more than 2 years. For planting are not suitable clayey soils. On the sandy soil of the plant is a little fruit and small size (due to lack of moisture). A dedicated area for planting the strawberries need to be processed for 2 months.

The cultivation of strawberries

Ridge, whose high presence of groundwater should be done at 40 cm In the dry places of their size should be about 10 cm In loamy and sandy soil you need to add peat, humus and sawdust. No need to add chlorine fertilizer. Dug the beds must be sprinkled with sand 2 cm, it heats and dries quickly, which is detrimental effect on slugs and centipedes.

Planting strawberries

Planting strawberries is in July preferably in the evening, so plants will be able to quickly acclimate. On the socket there should be more than three leaves and a developed root system. Purchased seedlings should be washed in a solution (10 l of water 1 teaspoon of sulfate and 3 tablespoons of salt), putting her in there for 15 minutes.

Planting strawberries, it is impossible to deepen the root collar, but only on the ground level. After planting should be watered from a watering can with rain. If the winter will form a large Bush, then next year will be the harvest.