Advice 1: When you need to transplant the strawberries

Strawberry is the best associated with the summer. Large and juicy berries are a favorite treat of many children and adults. But to get a good harvest, strawberry bushes every 3-4 years should be transplanted.
When you need to transplant the strawberries

The most suitable period for transplanting strawberries and strawberry - early autumn, as in September the ground becomes wet. A bed must be prepared in advance. Seedlings leave the strawberry bushes with a well developed root system.

Preparation of the beds. Prepare the garden bed for 2-3 days before planting the bushes. This site perekidyvaetsya and makes fertilizer. One square meter of land will need a bucket of compost or humus. In addition, soil may podzhivit wood ashes, peat or chicken droppings. After this the earth again perekidyvaetsya and aligned. Don't forget to make a layout for future garden beds.

As a rule, transplanted strawberries every 3-4 years. This is due to the peculiarities of this kind of berries. After the first year of planting strawberries do not produce any harvest. On the second and third year is a great time to collect berries. And after the fourth year the yield drops. After that, the old site should be dug, and strawberry bushes transplanted to a new location.

Planting strawberries. If you want after the transplant in the next year to harvest, you will need a two-year strawberry bushes. However, he needs to have a well-developed root system and three to five leaflets. The bushes are dug on the day of the transplant. After that, they should be wetted with warm water, wrap in a cloth and wrap with plastic wrap. Thus you will protect the roots. Before landing the film and the tissue gently removed.

When planting bushes roots gently finish the hole. Please note that the top Bud was not planted too deep. After that, Bush sprinkled the ground, clutching the sapling, and watered a little.

Well, if the strawberries you plant calendula, garlic, beans, beans or peas. They have a positive effect on the development of the root system. You have a good harvest!

Advice 2: How to collect strawberries in Finland

According to official statistics, every year for seasonal work in Finland sent about 15 thousand temporary workers from around the world. The people in former Soviet countries is seen as the most attractive collection of berries. This kind of temporary work is most profitable and requires no special training.
How to collect strawberries in Finland
Citizens of foreign countries who arrive to Finland for seasonal work, you do not need a residence permit or a residence permit if they reside in the country for more than 90 days. In this case, foreigners need only to obtain a regular visa at the Consulate of Finland. The visa can be issued three months before the expected arrival in the country. For registration, besides the standard documents, you will need a job offer from the Finnish side.

What you need to know about picking strawberries?

Strawberry in Finland is going on special farms. It's quite hard work, but he is well-paid. Besides, does not require any special skills. The average monthly salary may be around 3 thousand Euro. It varies depending on the generation. As this kind of earnings is difficult to entice the local population, farmers are happy to accept workers from other countries for the collection of strawberries. In addition to strawberry plantations in Finland developed plantations of raspberries. Very often they are planted nearby. The most widespread berry plantations got near the town of Suonenjoki is located in the Central part of the country.

When to go to work?

The season of gathering of berries begins in may with the planting of seedlings and ceases in September with the clearing and preparation of the plantation for the winter period. Strawberries can be collected from early June to late July. After picking strawberries, most of the workers left to pick the peas raspberries, wild berries and mushrooms.

How to get a job?

To obtain a job in Finland can be anyone. It is necessary to leave the application on the website of the Ministry of labour of Finland or on private job sites. The application must be filed in the Finnish language. Language skills are not required for this. To complete the form will be sufficient to use a standard translator built into the browser. To get to Finland, both independently and with the help of shipping companies that organize group trips of workers from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other countries.

Work schedule

Working day collector strawberry starts in the early morning. Early in the season, when the farms of berries is not enough, it can last 4-5 hours. In high season the working day lasts 9-10 hours, sometimes up to 11 hours. The duration of the working day and the number of output is set by the owner of the farm.

Weather does not affect the collection of berries. Collectors have to work in rain and heat. The berries are collected in baskets. The average weight of a full basket is 2.5-3 kgs. After the employee collects 2-3 of the basket, he carries them to the berries.

Advice 3: How to transplant strawberries Victoria

The strawberries refers to intensive cultures. Usually a good fruiting observed the first three years, then the number and quality of berries will decrease their flavor to deteriorate and the number of pests and diseases will increase. The problem can be solved, respecting the rules of crop rotation and periodically updating the plantation.
How to transplant strawberries Victoria
"Victoria," transplanted in the spring – before flowering, or in early autumn. If you are planning a spring planting, prepare the soil in the fall. If planting will occur early in the fall, preparing the garden bed in June.
It is best to grow wild strawberries in the beds where it grew onions, carrots, parsley, radishes, lettuce, beets, dill, garlic. If you plant strawberries after the eggplants, potatoes, peppers, cabbage or cucumbers, there is a danger of decay and the emergence of viral diseases.
For planting strawberries choose a well-lit place. Shade from trees or buildings is unacceptable. The ground for Viktoria required slightly acidic and loamy. If the place for planting wetlands, it is necessary to drain. On highly acidic soils is a pre-liming. For planting selected areas, protected from the wind, or in winter, strawberries can freeze solid.
Dug up on ridge made organic fertilizers – about 3-4 buckets of compost or compost per 1 square meter Of mineral fertilizers for planting of strawberries is used, potassium salt, ammonium nitrate and superphosphate.
"Victoria" it is best to transplant on a cloudy day, so the hot sun burned plant. Rooted young rosettes should be dug out of the ground and trim the whip on which they grow. The ground with the roots have to shake and trim a quarter lengths.
When planting the roots of strawberries dipped in a special mash – a mixture of clay, water and manure. Plants are planted at the distance of 30 cm from each other. Between the rows at a distance of 70 cm. the growing Point of young plants should be located at ground level.
After the transplant the strawberries well watered and mulch the soil. Mulching is suitable peat, sawdust regular or special mulch material. If the weather is dry, Victoria need to be watered in a day – about 1 litre per Bush. The plot regularly removed weeds and loose soil. In winter, young bushes should cover with leaves or straw.
"Victoria" – one of the varieties of the strawberry. The variety is characterized by cold resistance, resistance to diseases and pests. The berries of this variety are large, have a rich taste.
Useful advice
If the seedling purchase, it is necessary to disinfect, avoid bringing pathogens to your area. For disinfection of bushes before planting, are dipped in water with a temperature of 46оС for 15 minutes, then in cold water for 10 minutes.

Advice 4: How to plant strawberry seeds

Among the ways to produce a crop of strawberries is the most time consuming is to grow berries from seed. The advantages of this method are obvious: it allows to obtain new varieties of strawberries, when the seedlings of such varieties does not, however, the specificity of the process is available.
How to plant strawberry seeds
You will need
  • mailbox;
  • - the ground;
  • - the seeds.
Before planting the strawberry seeds, you must purchase quality planting material. Be prepared for the fact that the elite seeds are sold in the amount of 3-5 pieces, that in the absence of practices the cultivation reduces the chances of the harvest. The more seeds pack, the higher the probability of their germination. Can be planted in different parts of the box several varieties, subsequently raspolirovat them in different pots.
Take a box for planting, prepare the soil. In order to have time to obtain normal seedlings and to grow seedlings from seeds strawberry plant seeds in the ground in early winter. For this fit an ordinary garden earth or garden soil, not too loamy and peat. Put earth in a box, not cosipa to the brim and slightly wet. Lay the seeds on top of this distance to future shoots do not interfere with each other. Sprinkle on top of the ground they do not need. To create constant humidity and climate control drawer is covered by a transparent plastic or glass so that the rays of the sun can easily penetrate to the seeds.
The drawer put in such a place that it got the maximum amount of sunlight. When you see the first shoots, remove the glass or polythene. When the bushes appears a few leaves, transplant them into individual peat pots in which they will later be planted in the open ground.
When established warm weather and bushes grow up, dropped them off at their summer cottage. Over the summer the seedlings will have formed and become stronger, and next season will already give the first berries. So in practice to grow strawberries from seed is not so difficult.
Useful advice
So as to predict the future viability and vitality of plants is quite difficult, it is better to plant several bags of seeds. This will avoid the situation where in-ground planting is simply nothing.
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