The most suitable period for transplanting strawberries and strawberry - early autumn, as in September the ground becomes wet. A bed must be prepared in advance. Seedlings leave the strawberry bushes with a well developed root system.

Preparation of the beds. Prepare the garden bed for 2-3 days before planting the bushes. This site perekidyvaetsya and makes fertilizer. One square meter of land will need a bucket of compost or humus. In addition, soil may podzhivit wood ashes, peat or chicken droppings. After this the earth again perekidyvaetsya and aligned. Don't forget to make a layout for future garden beds.

As a rule, transplanted strawberries every 3-4 years. This is due to the peculiarities of this kind of berries. After the first year of planting strawberries do not produce any harvest. On the second and third year is a great time to collect berries. And after the fourth year the yield drops. After that, the old site should be dug, and strawberry bushes transplanted to a new location.

Planting strawberries. If you want after the transplant in the next year to harvest, you will need a two-year strawberry bushes. However, he needs to have a well-developed root system and three to five leaflets. The bushes are dug on the day of the transplant. After that, they should be wetted with warm water, wrap in a cloth and wrap with plastic wrap. Thus you will protect the roots. Before landing the film and the tissue gently removed.

When planting bushes roots gently finish the hole. Please note that the top Bud was not planted too deep. After that, Bush sprinkled the ground, clutching the sapling, and watered a little.

Well, if the strawberries you plant calendula, garlic, beans, beans or peas. They have a positive effect on the development of the root system. You have a good harvest!