For the pattern of the skirt-the sun remove the two measurements: - poluobhvat waist (Sweat) and the skirt length (Du). Pattern skirts-the sun looks like a circle with a Central recess, the radius of which is calculated by the formula: R = 1/3 * Pot – 1, see the Pattern of the skirt can be without a seam or with two seams, it all depends on the width of the fabric under the pattern.
Expand the fabric and place on top of fabric the skirt length taking into account the allowances for ACC two, three centimeters, plus the radius of the recess. Mark the point and from it, draw a circle with a radius calculated by the formula plus the length of the skirt and the seam. The sides of the recess under the waist, add one inch. For sewing skirts without seams, you will need a piece of fabric with a length equal to four lengths of skirts, plus four radius recesses at the waist plus 10 cm.
Cut out the pattern, baste, and then sew the side sections, leaving one of them about 15-20 cm under the clasp. Sutures can be placed both behind and in front and on the sides.
Sewn sections and vsheyte gently clasp.
The upper section can be handled by the zone or the original braid. Posate the bottom of the skirt on the seam. After all work is completed, Tutuila skirt.