Well, first of all do not confuse the cap and a baseball cap. This is a completely different headgear. The second created by the Americans and sits perfectly on the head and also can be of different kinds, that is, for example, from reperskih to glamorous. Well, first, there is a cap, or rather cap, this is a very shallow cap with a straight visor, worn by Russian soldiers in the 19th century. In the late 20th century they again began to be produced, but only the former popularity of the enjoyed. Unfortunately, cap is now virtually out of the sale. At the caps took their name for themselves.
There are several types of caps. Selikonovye sit perfectly on the head, but patelinage more popular, as the pattern on this hat cause it is easier. Another type of baseball caps - it's winter. They have a special insert, through which the ears are warm.
The hats have 4 sizes. First - S/M, that is small-medium (52-57 cm), the second - M/L, medium-large (57-61 cm), and the third L/XL large-extra large (61-64 cm), the fourth - One Size Fits All, universal (54-62 cm).
Of course, many people prefer natural fabrics. But these caps are not to be worn for a very long time, as natural materials are quickly spoiled, and also sit down after washing. The best option is a baseball cap that is made from a blend of natural and synthetic fabrics. Just keep in mind that the second should not be more than 5 percent.
The visor of the headgear is also necessary to choose the right. To make it easy. You simply decide where and when you wear your baseball cap. If, for example, to ride a bike, the visor should be straight and not too long so as not to block you a review.
Please note that, whether in a baseball cap moisture-absorbing stitching. Its presence is necessary because it will help to protect the headgear from salt stains, and the skin from overheating.
The eyelets must also be present. They help the scalp to clear your head, that is, intended for ventilation. It is best that they be metal, as plastic is not reliable.
Adjustment on the caps is different. The most short-lived is elastic and Velcro. The first stretch and the second is polluted. If you want this hat will serve you not one season, then choose adjustment from plastic or from metal. The choice is yours.