You will need
  • - brush with soft bristles;
  • - brush-roller or tape;
  • - a sponge or a rag;
  • warm and cool water;
  • detergent;
  • - shape for drying;
  • - washing machine;
  • a dishwasher and a special powder.
Remove from the cap all visible dirt with a dry brush with soft bristles. If the surface of the fabric that stuck pieces of wool, lint, fluff and other tenacious COP, use to clean the brush roller with a sticky surface. You can just wound on a finger a strip of tape (adhesive side on the top) and handle contaminated headpiece.
Prepare a warm solution of 4 cups water and ¼ Cup suitable for the material of washing powder (or liquid detergent). Then moisten a sponge or a piece firmly painted matter and apply a small amount of the solution.
Clean all impurities on the outer surface of the cap; carefully treat the rim adjacent to the head. Periodically dampen the sponge or rag in a clean solution.
When the headdress is completely clean, replace the detergent first to clean with warm, then cool water and collect the dirty foam.
Try to wash the cap... in the dishwasher. The experience of some enterprising Housewives, this appliances is extremely effectively cope with the pollution on the delicate headdresses. Products should be inserted with the dome in the top tier is designed for cups, and add a special powder for washing dishes. The flow of water will be supplied from the bottom - that even the most capricious baseball cap will not lose shape.
If manual cleaning caps does not help you and your home is not equipped with the latest technology, try to wash the thing in automatic washing machine. In this case, you must set the mode hand washing, temperature 40 degrees and be sure to turn off the spin cycle and drying.
Dry wet (or completely wet) headpiece first with a Terry towels (no lint!), removing moisture with a blotting motion. Do not twist and do not wring the garment. Then a cap must be worn on the shape of appropriate size (plate, ball, jar, lid pots, etc.) and keep it so until dry.