Advice 1: How to choose a tie

Before answering the question of how to choose the right tie, it is determined that the accessory can best choose for themselves men. Often, they must be guided not so much by its mood, how much style and fashion trends.
How to choose a tie

Getting to the selection of tie must be remembered that it needs to have an optimum compatibility with the costumeohms and shirt. If a person has no personal taste or intuitive understanding of the demands of the moment, it offers classic rules, according to which it is best to choose a tie.

1. You should know that a tie with a pattern, to a greater extent required to buy a plain shirt. If the tie is plain, then the shirt should be patterned in the form of cells or strips. The main unifying accent to read the color strips.

2. If the tie is bright, the purchase should be determined by the tone and color of the suit and shirt, which should be a tone darker than his.

3. If the suit is dark and the shirt light, then choose a tie, you need dark colors that blend in tone with the suit and shirt.

4. A bright tie with a small pattern, fashionable to buy a black suit that is usually worn with a white shirt.

5. If the preference for light suit and dark shirt, then you need a tie to pick up a light, incongruous with the tone of the costume.

6. Preferring in clothes of light colors, both in terms of costume, and in a shirt, selecting a tie is better to choose it according with the tone of the tie.

7. For those who prefer silk neckties, you must know that it is best to look with a suit made of fine wool. If the preference is given to dense the tie, the suit should be wool tweed.

8. In the color the most fashionable are black and white, red and blue, and blue and yellow.

9. When choosing a tie, it is worth remembering about the combination of patterns: striped shirt requires a tie with a solid color or geometric pattern.

10. If a man has a high growth or, for example, he has a slim physique, then in any case he should not choose a tie with a large pattern.

11. Men with dark skin color and dark hair, you can choose a tie with a bright, eye-catching colours.



Advice 2 : How to attach a tie clip

Clip or tie clip today are rare. However, this part of the male costume can be a touch that distinguishes you from a number of faceless clerks. A quality clamp will help to fix the tie on the right place. The key is to learn to choose and wear it properly.
How to attach a tie clip
When choosing a tie clip, pay attention not only on appearance but also on quality. To clamp a well-kept fabric, it needs to be equipped with teeth. Well, if it is attached to the chain with a special eyelet that fits over the button-up shirts for additional fixation. Do not buy too thick hair not only do they look vulgar, but also deform the fabric. The best choice for casual suit – flat, thin and long enough clip.
The main purpose of pins is to fix the tie on the right place. This is especially true for men with their weight on a bulk my stomach tie will constantly move to the side. Quality clamp will solve this problem easily.
If you don't want to draw attention to modest, but the decoration, clip it between the third and fourth buttons of the shirt. Stabbed so the pin is hidden under the buttoned lapels of his jacket, and unbuttoned when the jacket will not be evident. If the clip is attached to the chain, put her ear on the third button of the shirt. A precaution does not hurt – the active movements of the chain will not allow the clip to slide.
You have a beautiful hair clip, combined with the cufflinks, and you do not intend to hide her from the eyes of others? Then pin your pin is higher between the second and third buttons of his shirt. However, then you will have to take care that the clip match the color of the tie. Models warm colors choose the clip from red or yellow gold, to tie the blue-gray scale fit pins white gold and platinum. Be careful with the silverware on light tissue, they can leave dark marks, besides, they are easy to scratch.
A great way to emphasize their loyalty to the company – to wear a tie pin with its logo. This accessory can be attached even higher, near the second button of a shirt. Don't forget to check the position of the logo pin pinned upside down, spoil all the impression.
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Useful advice
Stylish accessories for men - gold clamps and tie clip. And if women have these accessories more visible, i.e. exposed, that men preferred to reinforce his image barely noticeable things: cufflinks at the cuffs, a ring or a ring, a gold watch and of course a tie.

Advice 3 : How to choose a shirt and tie under a suit

Women, in the wardrobe where many things falsely represented that the daily flour for the preparation of a suitable set of clothes is not peculiar to men, the choice of which is limited only costumeω, shirt and tie. Actually, the perfect to pick up these three elements casual business clothes is also difficult. But to alleviate the problem will help some basic rules.
How to choose a shirt and tie under a suit

General rules for the combination of shirt, tie and suit

Usually in the wardrobe of business men should be three or four good suit. Definitely dense and dark and light fabrics, and light weight summer option. Daily to diversify your appearance you will succeed at the expense of 7-10 shirts and the same number of ties. As you can see, has already recruited more than a dozen variations.

The basic rule of proper selection of shirt and tie under a suit – all these elements of the wardrobe should match in color and pattern. The number of colors used in your outfit, it is better to limit to three, but the tones can be more, especially the tie. Shirt is best to choose so that it was lighter than the darkest threads in the material of the suit. Avoid solid fabrics without a pattern, it's too boring and plain dark shirt and dark tie – the funeral too.

Suit grey suit shirt and tie blue, purple, red, Burgundy colors. To the dark blue suit, pick up the rest of the elements in the blue, violet, gray, pinkish, red tones. Dark green suit would look good in combination with brown, beige, mustard, dark yellow and khaki. For brown suit fabric suit beige, sand, yellow-grey and grey tones.

How to choose a tie to the shirt

Since suiting fabric, usually plain or has a clearly distinct pattern, the main attention is drawn to the combination of a shirt and tie. The tie should be darker tones of the shirt and match or be darker than the color of the costume. In the summer the option is allowed to tie in tone was lighter than the shirt and suit.

Pattern shirt and tie should match and if it is, for example, a cell or strip, their size must be different. If the shirt and suit are plain, their colors must be present in the colors of the tie. When you choose a tie with polka dots or stripes, the color of the shirt should exactly repeat the color of the polka dots and stripes.

You will always look stylish and modern even in traditional business suit, if properly will create contrasting combinations between the fabric suit, shirt and tie. Through such contrasts, you can change your look and appearance and will look bright, even wearing the same suit in dark colors. Use the opportunities offered such a thing a man can wear as a tie.
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