Getting to the selection of tie must be remembered that it needs to have an optimum compatibility with the costumeohms and shirt. If a person has no personal taste or intuitive understanding of the demands of the moment, it offers classic rules, according to which it is best to choose a tie.

1. You should know that a tie with a pattern, to a greater extent required to buy a plain shirt. If the tie is plain, then the shirt should be patterned in the form of cells or strips. The main unifying accent to read the color strips.

2. If the tie is bright, the purchase should be determined by the tone and color of the suit and shirt, which should be a tone darker than his.

3. If the suit is dark and the shirt light, then choose a tie, you need dark colors that blend in tone with the suit and shirt.

4. A bright tie with a small pattern, fashionable to buy a black suit that is usually worn with a white shirt.

5. If the preference for light suit and dark shirt, then you need a tie to pick up a light, incongruous with the tone of the costume.

6. Preferring in clothes of light colors, both in terms of costume, and in a shirt, selecting a tie is better to choose it according with the tone of the tie.

7. For those who prefer silk neckties, you must know that it is best to look with a suit made of fine wool. If the preference is given to dense the tie, the suit should be wool tweed.

8. In the color the most fashionable are black and white, red and blue, and blue and yellow.

9. When choosing a tie, it is worth remembering about the combination of patterns: striped shirt requires a tie with a solid color or geometric pattern.

10. If a man has a high growth or, for example, he has a slim physique, then in any case he should not choose a tie with a large pattern.

11. Men with dark skin color and dark hair, you can choose a tie with a bright, eye-catching colours.