Caps this season paying much attention to designers. The most eminent fashion houses has created a completely new model of such familiar headgear. In the course caps of leather, suede, corduroy, fur. The modern fashion is that for a long time already does not recognize any rules and canons, so now you can combine many seemingly incongruous things. However, in relation to the caps rule is still hard. Pick up this accessory preferably under clothing. For example, wear a hat with shorts is stylish. If the shorts and hat will be leather - doubly stylish. Add plain bodysuit, optional socks, and bold ready.
As easily the cap can be combined with jeans and sneakers, with stylish clothes in the box and jiggins or leggings. If you add to this ensemble a scarf or gloves, then the image will appear a certain charm.
The hat can be worn traditionally when the sun visor is directed straight. Can this hat slipping slightly sideways - then the image will be a strong element of sophistication. As usual caps, they can also be worn straight, you can turn sideways 90 degrees. Can a baseball cap be worn backwards. If the girl has long hair, it can add to the hairstyle, tail threading in the baseball cap free space designed for an exact fit of the cap on the head.
But when choosing a hat, remember one of the basic rules - it accessory will attract the active attention of others to face their owner. This means that the skin and makeup should be under the cap perfect. Otherwise you can easily spoil all the impression of a carefully created image.