Not just any baseball cap will have to face the girls. For example, you should not choose an accessory with a wide base and a visor: it is created for fans and followers of hip-hop. The best option for stylish ladies – slim, trim model with an interesting finish, print a label or without them.

Baseball cap holds true to sports accessories. She can often be seen on the ladies of professional sports. The visor provides great protection from the sun during competitions and training, and a sturdy base will not allow you to get heat stroke. Both features are useful for ordinary girls who love to spend time under the bright rays.

Below the baseball cap is a stylish addition to the image, correctly choose the clothes. A great option – long racer-back top. You can wear it, for example, speedos and micro shorts. Of shoes the best choice would be sneakers, sneakers, on a level platform or flip flops with thick soles (sports version). Baseball cap in this set will look spectacular and will add sexuality.

However, the above image is not always relevant. It is perfect for a Spa town or if you go for a workout. If you wish to wear your hat in the city, should be ensemble in casual style.

In this case, stop the choice on a simple everyday clothes. For example, wear jeans. When selecting the style of bottom focus on two options: skinny or boyfriend. On top, wear a simple tank top, a shirt or a jacket spacious uncluttered (e.g., subtle plush or fleece). Over can use a cropped denim jacket or leather. In this ensemble, the hat would be different, quirky décor, or material. For example, select a product with bold trim of rhinestones, appliqués or embroidery. Of the materials suitable dense cotton, leather, suede.

Baseball cap goes well with shorts. As the top use a nice sports jackets, hoodies or sweatshirts. You can wear a stylish shirt in a cage. The best option of shoes: sneakers (solid soles or wedge heels), sneakers, running shoes, ballet flats.