Sending women and people in institutions for young offenders can be sent without limiting their number. But for men created other conditions, and the number of parcels is limited. Correctional institution establishes different rules for prisoners with conventional, light weight and strict conditions of serving the sentence.
Under normal conditions, you can send six packages and six packages during a year. If your family member is in relaxed conditions, collect twelve assists and the same number of parcels. Stringent conditions allow inmates to receive only three types of gear.
Relative held in prison with the General regime, you will be able to convey two parcels and two parcels. In an institution with a strict regime to collect things only twice a year.
The first departure you can transfer immediately upon arrival of the convict in jail. The following parcel dispatch, calculating the right time. To do this, divide the 12 months by the number of items, relying to your relative.
The parcel weight is limited to postal rules, you can read in any post office Russia. The maximum weight shall be 20 kg, and the parcel is 5 kg.
When you collect the transmission, don't forget about the list of prohibited items transfer of prisoners. The exact checklist you will be able to read in a correctional facility. Do not break the rules when you select things, not to create problems to the convict.
Instead of the provisions of parcels and packages relatives can buy in the store at the correctional institution necessities and food and to transfer this set to the convict.
You can purchase products through the online store. Select the desired prisoner to things and they will be delivered to the DUT. The order of registration of the parcel through the online store, check with the prison administration.
You may send a money transfer which will be credited to the inmate account. By these means he will acquire all you want in the store at the correctional institution.