1. The most important thing is the suitcase. Choose not a small and not very big, so it was easy to carry. Not narrow and not wide to carry comfortably. Looking to have lots of pockets to put something small and know where everything is. A roomy so you can put everything in one suitcase and not carry more bags.

2. Beach bags. Take two or three, no more. Roomy, but so that when folded they took up little space in the suitcase. Etakogo size, so when you go to the beach, his bag held a towel, a swimsuit and some other things. Bags from cotton.

3. Sunscreen. He certainly needed to be saved from burning in the sun. It is better to sunbathe before 11 p.m., after 16 hours, remember this.

4. Take flip flops, but not much . You can take the white and black they will go with any outfit.

5. Shorts from jeans. The beach is convenient to go, and not ashamed to cafes they go. And in General these shorts are a universal thing.

6. Light summer scarves and shawls. The place is small and can wear with any clothes and handbag. They can take and more for diversity.

7. Sunglasses. Take two in reserve. Without glasses have to screw up his face, and from this you can earn wrinkles.

8. Swimwear. At sea we have to take swimsuit, as without it. Swimwear-take at least two. In one swim, removed, as it is wet and dressed dry.

9. Any headgear. Take the one that will suit Your beachwear. The main thing is to head the sea was covered.

10. Camera or video camera, to the memory of the journey was captured footage.

11. Things. Take not much for the beach, for an evening out to the sea.

That's the whole list. Now You are not confused when youre going to the sea.