Documents. Check if you took a
- passport;
- cash;
- credit card;
- the documents confirming the right of residence to the place of rest;
- the addresses and telephone numbers;
Not the superfluous will take with you the map of the area in which you travel, as well as a photo of Luggage (in case of loss or damage).
Mobile appliances.
- video and/or camera;
spare or rechargeable batteries;
- charger;
- travel hair dryer.
Mini-kit. The most appropriate medication is better to take with itself not to run around looking for a pharmacy in a critical situation. In addition, the border can be problems with buying the most basic medicines. Complete kit:
- analgesic;
- activated carbon;
- patches;
- iodine (preferably in pencil);
drug motion sickness;
- antipyretic;
- broad-spectrum antibiotic;
- a universal remedy for allergies;
- for the treatment of skin problems (on the basis of panthenol, for example);
the medications that you take regularly.
Cosmetic bag. In addition to makeup, you need to take
- wet wipes (antibacterial is better);
- deodorant;
- razors;
- toothpaste and brush;
- lip balm;
- personal hygiene;
- sun cream (UV factor of at least 30).
Also can be useful and a few small things that you can take with you if space permits:
organizer for shoes of light material. It can be hung on the door and store in "field conditions" variety of stuff;
- a small steamer or ground pad;
- a big scarf made of natural silk (it will protect from the cold and from the heat thanks to the excellent thermoregulatory properties of silk, it can be turned into shawls or hide the not-too-presentable hairstyle);
- foldable bag (the main condition – it must have a zipper and stably hold the suitcase when you roll it).