The first rule when assembling the suitcase for the trip to the sea: things should be a bit. The lighter the bags the better. Of course, if you have your own personal transport, this rule is not so important, but stick to it anyway. But a considerable number of vacationers go on vacation through a travel Agency, on buses or planes, and all their belongings have to wear themselves, unless they are somewhere not settled. Heavy bags much overshadow the rest.
Second, and equally important rule is: all things should be natural and light fabrics. The sea looks very beautiful and comfortable: flying dresses and sundresses, lightweight skirts and open tops. If things made of synthetic materials, it is likely to sweat heavily. This not only brings great discomfort, but repels others. Better to take things linen or calico.
How to dress at sea
Also do not forget that all things take to the sea, should be universal. So they can be worn not only on the beach but also in the evening at the disco. No need to take the narrow things they, as a rule, uncomfortable. If you wear them on damp body after bathing in the sea, will be the discomfort and discomfort.
Going to the beach, it is best to wear a swimsuit, and the top light dress. It is advisable to make it without zips or fastenings, which can also create problems. Well take a beach bag, but it doesn't have to be elaborate. Ideal for the handbag on the sea is a rectangle, long handle, cloth – cloth. It is possible to put your towel, sun cream, sarongs and other stuff.
Going in the evening in the restaurant or take a stroll along the promenade, you can wear the same dress that day, only to add beads and an elegant strap beach bag to change the clutch, replace the flip flops heeled sandals.