You will need
  • Tomato seeds, potassium permanganate, plastic box for seedlings, peat, sod, compost, liquid manure, watering can with a fine-meshed strainer, greenhouse film or glass.
Before planting in the ground seeds of the tomato need to prepare at home, to get strong seedlings.
Put the seeds in a linen bag and let sit in a warm place such as near the heater for 2 – 3 hours.
Prepare a solution to protect the seeds against pathogenic bacteria. Spread in glass jar 1 g of potassium permanganate in 1 liter of water. Soak the seeds for 30 minutes. Then rinse them with water and dry.
Plant the seeds in a seedling box, cover with foil and pour a lake through a strainer, consisting of frequent small holes, so as not to damage tender shoots.
After 5 – 6 days will appear the first shoots. Put a box lit warm place, for example, on the window sill. For better development of root system and strong stem of the tomato seedlings are transplanted several times, buried up to the first leaves.
Before planting the ground in the greenhouse pre-dug. Make a ditch along the entire length of the greenhouse to a depth of 30 cm and a width of 70 cm In the ditch laid a warm liquid manure, which the top is filled with prepared soil. The soil is composed of soil, mixed with peat, turf, and humus.
Planting of seedlings produced in the beginning of may. Plant the seedlings in two rows, at a distance of 60 cm In one row the plants are planted at a distance of 30 – 35 cm from each other.
Large shoots of growth tied with twine to stakes.
With the appearance of floral brushes to pollination occurred more intensively tap the stick on the stakes to which the twine is tied plants.
Tomatoes rarely watered, but the soil needs to be saturated, especially during fruit formation. After watering thoroughly ventilate the greenhouse, so the humidity was above 70%.
The first fertilizer plant produce with the formation of the first fruits, and then repeat in combination with irrigation every 15 – 20 days. Prepare an aqueous solution of mullein in the ratio of 1:6. Tomatoes watered in the evening.
Free of the Central stem from the laterals and side shoots. Cut them with a sharp knife, leaving a small stump, which will not allow the emergence of a new stepson.
In the second half of the summer make pinched out the tops of tomato escape, especially in the tall shoots. These actions contribute to the enlargement of the fruit.