Landing and the first steps to high yield

Directly after germination of the seeds of the tomato seedlings should be watered often enough, namely, as drying of the soil. This is due to the still underdeveloped root system and high growth potential of plants. After the picking and planting tomatoes in the place of their permanent growth, the amount and frequency of watering should be adjusted based on the needs of plants and soil conditions. Optimum soil moisture to 60%. Just identified – if the grip in the palm of your hand a clod of earth first stick, and then easily crumbles again, so the humidity level is normal.

For disinfection of the soil of the hole prepared for planting seedlings, it is desirable to pour 1% solution of manganese, approximately a liter of the solution in each well. You can also use special preventive drugs (for example, "Barrier"), the solution of which is also poured into the hole before planting, the dosage is 0.5 litres per hole. Immediately after planting in the greenhouse seedlings need plenty of water and stop further irrigation of up to ten to twelve days, to avoid excessive plant growth. But if the top leaves of the tomato wilted, or curled up - a sure sign of lack of water, and watering should resume.

Features of the development and further care

The growth of the root system of tomatoes develops deep into the earth, so special attention should be given not the frequency of watering and quantity – a rare, but abundant irrigation (up to 4-5 liters per square meter of planting) will help to support plants need the humidity level is in the depth of the soil. While on the surface of the ground maybe a little dry. Before the onset of hot days to water the tomato seedlings should be no more than two times a week. In dry, hot weather the frequency of watering can be increased, sometimes up to daily watering.

The best way is drip irrigation system for the greenhouses, but in any case, watering should be done at the root of plants, avoiding moisture on leaves and stems. If watering is the flowing method (from a hose), the top layer of soil is required regularly to loosen, allowing the plant roots to "breathe." After watering the ventilation of the greenhouse is necessary because tomatoes are afraid of high humidity.

Watering is best early morning and only warm (not less than 20oC) and better settled or rain water.

After flowering the amount of water should be increased to 8-10 liters per sq. m., and with the appearance of the fruit - up to 4 liters under each root. Irregular watering, that is, periods of drying, alternating too much between watering will lead to cracking of the fruit and excessive watery.